Jan. 6th, 2009

Being Happy

Jan. 6th, 2009 11:52 pm
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My resolution for 2009 is to be happy.  I will be turning 30, and I figure it gets to be a whole year of celebrating.  So: I am happy because:

1. My brother acquired this for me for Christmas.  I believe it is because he has had to help me move my books so many times, but I am totally ignoring any sardonic intent, because YES, THAT IS MY GOAL.  I love it.

2. Speaking of which, I have found my 2008 calendar, and it makes me happy IN MY SOUL. Also soul-makingly happy: tielan is going to write the sequel to her SGA/Black Jewels crossover, and I am so very, very excited.

3. I have watched Mamma Mia, and it is adorable. The soundtrack is currently my "drive home from work music" (NPR is always my "drive to work" soundtrack), and I get to sing out loud the whole way.

4. The dogs each got one of those intelligence-test-like treat balls, and I think one is stuck under the bed, because right now all I can see are two dog butts sticking out from different sides of the bed, and there is a lot of... conversing going on.

5.  Operation "Healthier" goes well - I have brought lunch the last two days - yogurt and apple sauce, with veggies and hummus for backup.

6. Criminal Minds now owns my soul.  Merlin is a close second, and second only because [livejournal.com profile] smittywing  lives 1500 miles closer than [livejournal.com profile] omglawdork .

7. I'm getting to actively use my Spanish at work, and I realize how much I really miss translation.

8. I spent all of Saturday afternoon with [livejournal.com profile] smittywing  and [livejournal.com profile] raisintorte  just -hanging-, and it was fabulous.

9. In honor of a banner year of birthdays in my family (someone turns 25, then me, then someone else turns 60) we are traveling to Nova Scotia. Dear F-list: anyone have suggestions for traveling in Nova Scotia?

10. My Christmas tree is still up, and it's full of stuff that reminds me of people and places and things. Also, I have not yet sent holiday cards, but I WILL be sending them before it comes down.

That's it for right now, but I feel it's a good start. :D


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