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I have been working from home the last two days while laid low by the sinus infection that ate Topeka, and while I have gotten a reasonable amount of work done, I also have a pretty limited ability to focus, thanks to the fact that my blood is something like 99% Dayquil and Sudafed. 

I did spend a lot of time today just watching the snow, because winter is something I missed terribly during my six year stint in Texas and Louisiana, and the shine hasn't worn off yet. ([livejournal.com profile] omglawdork , who is a delicate Southern flower, is shivering at the mere thought.)

I am, however, getting restless - which gives me hope that I can go back to the office and the world of human contact tomorrow.  Restlessness becomes problematic when coupled with a complete inability to focus on anything for more than, say, 30 minutes at a time. So today I reorganized my kitchen. And then I baked cupcakes, which I don't actively want to eat, but which have the benefit of making the house smell good. 

Ordinarily, I would've used [livejournal.com profile] raisintorte 's chocolate cupcake recipe, but I wanted to make a buttercream frosting (using a recipe from her as well, actually), and I had a limited amount of butter.  I did have sour cream, and this recipe looked easy and promising, and easily halved, because 12 cupcakes are bad enough - I don't need twenty-four!  Once food becomes appealling again, I will report back on how it tastes.  The batter-taste-test was promising.  And the house smells amazing.

My hips, however, do NOT need the help - TIME TO GO BACK TO WORK.

Update: the recipe is excellent, but know that they are denser than regular cupcakes. Very moist and very chocolately, with a little tang from the sour cream.  I'd fill the cups 3/4-full next time.

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