Apr. 14th, 2007

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I slept in this AM and hit the farmer's market at 9 instead of 8, which was fine, because they had fewer people because the weather here feels like God barfed.

Went home and put stuff away and neutralized the house for the meeting of the canines (which means things like picking up the toys and the food and so on), and then headed to the vet's. The ENTIRE staff on duty today came out to see us leave, which was hysterical. LB - who, I think, is going to end up as Kaylee  - is a little uncertain about getting into the car, which makes sense given she hasn't done it very much. Went over with her to PetSmart and picked up a huge thing of food and another dog crate, plus some new toys, so $185 later (OH MY GOD. I forgot about that part of getting Molly. *DIES*), we went home. In the pouring rain. Took the stuff inside, put Molly in her crate, brought LB/Kaylee in, and it's been an almost unqualified success.

She's been here about three-and-a-half. First forty-five minutes, they romped around the house like mad. Since then, they've shared a water bowl, no problem, had treats together, no problem, watched me eat lunch, no problem, eaten lunch in the same room - no agression problem, although everyone wanted to know what was in everyone else's bowl. Went outside together, no problems - although boy, am I glad Molly and I did obedience class first, because she listens SO much better, and it makes finagling a new dog much easier when I'm not also fighting with her.

LB/Kaylee's got a basic handle on sit, and is -not- inclined to pull on the leash; in fact she sort of naturally heels, so yay that! Both girls seem to be giving me the alpha without an issue so far, so that's also good - but everyone will be sitting before they do ANYTHING for awhile, just to make sure.

I'm sure the next week will be interesting nonetheless. The major challenge is going to be pooping in the house (which has happened despite multiple trips outside) (at least it's not peeing, thank god, and I have hardwoods), but if that's the worst of it? This is going to work out fine. Everybody's pretty tired out and napping on the floor right now (except me, although it's pretty tempting) - so far, so good!
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Dear RTD/David Tennant/Doctor Who on general principle:

Thank you, I am now broken. And at least one of the teaser lines for next week did it all over again.



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