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Back to the gym, FINALLY! Work buddy and I are committed to going before work MWF, and the most awesome smittywing of the killer ab exercises has shown interest in a weekend workout. So yay, all the way around. I think I may attempt to fill the interstices with yoga DVDs.

I found last time that keeping a tally really, really helped - so feel free to ignore anything that's tagged "running," if this bores you to tears.

Today: )
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Several of you have asked: how goes the running?

Answer: It hasn't. In the excitement of moving and new house and so forth, September was an enormous wash. Which worried me, but not excessively, because I've been on track for the 10K without a problem, and I've been active, so by the end of the month, I'll start up again, and be fine. Except: apparently there was a snafu with both my deferment and my registration for the 10K, so now I'm running neither. In the interim, my eating's also turned crappy and my weight's gone up.

Translation: Sometimes I'm just dumb.


There are, as I see this right now, two options. The first is to angst over not making the goal I set. The second is to quit whining and use the next six weeks before work starts to get back on track with running. I choose the second. The hardest part, actually, is not the choice, but having to own up to the folks that know about my goal that I'm not going to make it. At bottom, though, this is about me, and my health, and my self-esteem, and I'm not going to let myself rationalize this one, which equates to letting myself fall back into the bottomless pit of inactivity and weight issues. Life's too good right now to let this drag it down.

Tomorrow's agenda is full, but Monday stretches wide-open, and I'm going running, come hell or high water. I'm going to start back at the three-mile mark, which is a reliable hour of activity, and go from there.

So: PLEASE KEEP ASKING. The fact that people DO ask has made it much harder to let myself avoid the issue.

More on Monday - and soon after that, an update on house, dog #2, and random other nonsense.
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The only parts of this morning's run that did not fail:

1) [personal profile] smittywing's lovely and sympathetic 6 AM wakeup call so that I COULD NOT oversleep.

2) I am not dead. I sort of wish I was, but I'm not.

The remainder:

I left my house at 6:30 AM. I got back at 8:40. I only covered 5.5 miles, door-to-door, which is MAYBE 2.5 miles an hour. I walked the ENTIRE second half and stopped in to walk aisles at Rite Aid for five minutes half a mile from home. There is ALREADY a heat advisory in effect: the heat index is 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 deg. Cel.), which is to say that it's 85.7 degrees Fahrenheit (24 deg. Cel.) with 72% humidity.

I am aware that there's probably more positive here than I'm considering at the moment, and I'll post about it later, or at least try and get out of my head and into a post why -exactly- I feel so unhappy about it. Right now I want to curl up in a ball and quit, because I have been entirely pwned by southern Louisiana in August. Instead, I'm going to take a cold shower and get on with the day.
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Or something like that.

1) Because I signed up for [personal profile] eretria's:

PIF meme: I will send a gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment here in my LJ requesting to join this PIF (Pay-It-Forward) exchange. You will receive it within 365 days (actually probably a lot less than that). The only thing you have to do in return is "pay it forward" by making a similar agreement on your LJ.

The "gift" you send doesn't have to be handmade. (Though in my case, it's likely it will be) It can be fic, icons, whatever.

2) If I have been less than stellar about keeping up with comments, it's because tomorrow is my last day of work, and then a week later, I leave New Orleans for good. I'm excited about moving (and about the week's vacation with family in between leaving here and moving there), but sad. It's been a wild two years, and the City Care Forgot has been very, very good to me, hurricanes notwithstanding. More on that later.

3) Running tonight: I admit, I totally bailed on what was supposed to be a five mile run. I cut it down to three, which, ok - I could feasibly do the five tomorrow, so it's not totally off the books. I did worked on increasing speed, so it wasn't total wash. I managed to cut another 20 seconds off - finished in 56:20. That's 30 seconds, total, I've whittled away, and that's in two days of running.

Also, holy crap. I just did the math on my average speed - 3.195 mph! Wahoo, gaining almost another tenth of a mile per hour and not wanting to die horribly.


Aug. 1st, 2007 11:11 pm
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The more time I spend on the treadmill, the more I become unhealthily addicted to my mp3 player and my earphones. The player's a Zen Stone, and is perfect for this - it's teeny and light, and I wrap the armband around my wrist instead. The earphones are Sennheisers and wrap around my ears so that they do not move, EVER, which is great.

The best thing, though, is the music list - there are songs that keep me trundling on, no matter HOW craptacular I feel. Many of them are the result of your recommendations here - thanks! I have also learned that the goofier the music, the better apparently. Here's the top baker's dozen, in no particular order - the ones I pray show up for the last mile, the last hour, the last whatever, so that I can stumble along to the finish line on their energy.

I've linked to audio clips or YouTube vids that use the music - about the videos? I make NO CLAIMS as to the vid. I just went looking for the song. (I make no claims to having good taste in music, either. Most of these I love deeply anyway, but they all pretty much have a strong, quick, steady tempo and a solid beat, plus lyrics that make me think/laugh/get distracted/focus as needed, so that I can coax myself through another session.

The list. ) What's on your list?


Aug. 1st, 2007 10:23 pm
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Running today: 3 miles in 56 min 40 sec - I've cut down another 10 seconds. Felt good, which was kind of a relief, because Monday was just SO awful all the way through. Weirdly enough, I was actually feeling my best with about 14 minutes remaining to run. Odd, but no complaints. I'm trying to keep my shoulders and arms from getting too tense, to see if it helps with the breathing thing, but I keep forgetting to pay attention. My hips and shins were oddly creaky in the beginning but were ok by the end. Ankle's still a little cranky - I'm stretching lots and icing.

The pattern:

1st-2nd 5 min: walk 3.1 mph 2 min; run 3.2 min 3 min
3rd-4th: walk 3.1 mph 2 min; run 3.2 min 2 min 30 sec; run 3.3 mph 30 sec
5th: walk 3.1 mph 2 min; run 3.2 mph 2 min; run 3.3 mph 1 min
6th-7th: walk 3.1 mph 2 min; run 3.2 mph 1 min; run 3.3 mph 2 min
8th-11th: walk 3.1 mph 2 min; run 3.2 mph 2 min; run 3.3 mph 1 min
remainder: walk 3.1 mph

Tomorrow: 5 miles (I thought it was 6 - that's kind of a nice surprise, actually).


Jul. 31st, 2007 01:07 am
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1) I would be more impressed as you speed down my residential street with your bass blaring loud enough to shatter my eardrums at 60 feet, if you were driving anything other than a cherry red MINIVAN.

2) Running: Ten miles today. The overall run was a very mixed bag and hardly my best job to date, but I am taking ten miles to the bank and just relishing that because ten miles is A LOT OF MILES and also more than FIFTEEN K  and I am just excited my body can DO that.

I finished in three hours, twenty minutes, more or less - the actual time spent moving was somewhat less, but I'm not subtracting because the last hour, I had to stop for 30 seconds every ten minutes, because it was that or just giving up outright, and hey, that's how I have to bargain with myself sometimes.

I knew getting started it was going to be a tough run - I was tired from the get go and starting later than I'd wanted b/c I'd gotten tied up at work, and I hadn't eaten much since lunchtime. I did have Powerade, but I think it may be time for energy gels to start making an appearance, because [personal profile] purna? I think I understand about the bonk, if the bonk is the equivalent of wishing there was some way a hole in time and space could just open and swallow the treadmill because then you'd have an excuse for quitting. Halfway through the last hour, said hole could've swallowed me too and I wouldn't have complained. I did follow a pattern speed-wise, but I fast-walked a LOT more than usual - I didn't really track it, after a certain point, because I was too busy just trying to convince myself to move. I've started cheering myself out loud at certain points, which I recognize as ridiculous, but it kind of works.

I fought it the whole way, and never really relaxed into the run - my breathing definitely gets tight as I move from the second to third hour, but today I just felt tight the whole way through. My body -felt- like it had been fighting, too - this is the first time I've finished a run and actually felt, forty-five minutes after finishing, like I'd been beaten by powerful people wielding large sticks. A couple of hours later, I actually ache less than last week - certainly my arches aren't as bad, but that could be in part due to the reduction in actual running time. Right after I finished though, I really just wanted to curl up and die. Instead, I took a cool shower, and it seems to have helped.

The pattern, roughly, for a value of run = flail.

1st mile: walk 3.1 mph 2 min; run 3.1 mph 1 min;  run 3.2 mph 2 min (repeat)
Miles 2-4: walk 3.0 mph 2 min; run 3.1 mph 3 min (repeat)
Miles 5-7: walk 3.0 mph 1 min; walk 3.1 mph 1 min; run 3.1 mph 2 min; run 3.2 mph 1 min (repeat)
Miles 8-10: walk 3.0 mph 2 min; run 3.1 mph 3 min (repeat)
Fall over, wish cabana boy was there with ice bath and fan and chauffeur was waiting outside.
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Friday's run went well - I think I'm likely to stay at this speed or only marginally faster next week, to let my body adjust a bit more. All told, I covered 3 miles in 56 min, 55 seconds. My ankle's still a little uncertain - it's the joint, not the tendon - it keeps wanting to pop. It's gotten steadily better, so I'll just keep an eye on it and see what's what.

I also need to figure out where I can run during the week that I'm here but not working. Fortunately, it's a shorter run week - the long run is only 7 miles, although the mid-week longish run bumps up to six. I could, I suppose, simply get up uber-early and run at the park and hope the humidity won't eat me alive. It would be good practice for the week after that, which is beach-week, when the long run is 12 miles - which raises another question: at the beach, the options are to run on hard-packed sand or to run on the sidewalk. Votes as to which will be better?

Friday's pattern:

1st 5 min: walk 3.1 mph 2 min, run 3.1 mph 1 min, run 3.2 mph 2 min
2nd-3rd: walk 3.1 mph 2 min, run 3.2 mph 3 min
4th: walk 3.1 mph 2 min, run 3.2 mph 2 min 30 sec, run 3.3 mph 30 sec
5th-8th: walk 3.1 mph 2 min, run 3.2 mph 2 min, run 3.3 mph 1 min
9th-11th: walk 3.1 mph 2 min, run 3.2 mph 2 min 30 sec, run 3.3 mph 30 sec
remainder: walk 3.1 mph
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As in, the version that doesn't come with self-indulgent whine. Sorry about that - and thank you so much for helping me get my head screwed on straight again.

Running today: 5 miles - that's half - HALF - of what I'm supposed to cover on the next long run (10 miles). It's also just under a 10K, and [personal profile] smittywing just brought it to my attention that I have already run a 10K in one go - and then some, since I've run for seven miles and nine miles, and a 10K is around 6.2 miles. Nine miles was possible and as a result, ten has (prospectively, anyway) lost some of its ability to inspire terror. I need to update the mp3 player with some new stuff to watch.

Getting started was hard - I sort of struggled through the first two miles, and then clicked in for miles three and four. Mile five required some self-cheerleading, but wasn't too bad, all told. Afterwards, my left ankle is sore, and I have that weird cramp across the back of my left calf this time (instead of the right), but both have diminished significantly with ice (thanks, [personal profile] purna!), so I think I'll be ok tomorrow for the 3 mile short run. All told, I'm still running a 19 minute mile: I finished in 1 hr 35 min 5 sec.
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1) Dear Caucus (you know who y'all are): Thank you for pulling me out of my funk tonight - between the three of you, Harry Potter, Music and Lyrics, Eloisa James, and SGA, I am approaching human again. *hugs*

2) Immediately before going running today, I had kind of a panic attack about the fact that by October I need to be able to maintain at least a 14 min mile pace for 5 hrs 30 min in order not to get picked up on the bus. I've only increased my average pace by like .2 in a month, and it still feels like I'm kind of clawing my way along to get any faster.

Still, I've shaved 3 minutes off, and I'll try and shave more. I can always try it and not finish, or register for the 10K instead. I felt pretty good today - no gasping horribly, no weird pains, feeling good at the end.


1st-2nd 5 min: walk 1 min 3.1 mph, run 2 min 3.1 mph, run 2 min 3.2 mph
3rd-11th: walk 2 min 3.1 mph, run 3 min 3.2 mph
remainder: run 30 sec 3.2 mph, walk 2 min 3.1 mph.

Tomorrow, 5 miles.
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1) I love this icon SO MUCH. Text is actually a quote of Ron's, from Book 6, which makes me happy, putting it with Hermione's picture, which started out as Hermione on the OOTP movie poster. [livejournal.com profile] monanotlisa did a BEAUTIFUL job - and there's more gorgeous HP icons of hers here. (WARNING: Some of those icons contain spoilers for the last book!)

2) Warning: There is a post of dog pictures in the offing, because Sunday was beautiful and we spent the afternoon at the park, and Molly's just ridiculous. Also tolerant.

3) Today? Was not my favorite day.

Cut for whining and RL nonsense. )

4) The major upside of today? I RAN NINE MILES.

I aten't dead. (Points if you know where THAT's from.) )

It's pretty cool, adding it all up like that. Now I'm taking an aspirin and taking myself to bed.
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Yesterday: TOTALLY hit the 3.1 average speed mark, which means 3.0 miles took 58 minutes. In a month, I've shaved off two minutes, so woohoo! I'm starting to feel it in my quads more than my calves, which I think is a function of 1) a little faster and 2) a little more time running. I'm noticing a DEFINITE change in my breathing - my lung capacity feels bigger, if that makes sense - I'm not gasping, anyway, and I seem to be breathing more efficiently, for lack of a better word.

Today: 4 mi run; managed to keep it at the 3.1 mph pace, so 4 miles required 1 hour, 17 min, 20 sec. It wasn't awful, but my right calf is not, at the moment, entirely happy. I'm not sure why - it's not a SHARP pain, and lots and lots of stretching plus a combo of aspirin and heat are helping work the kink out. Still - if it's achy tomorrow, I'll go back to 3.0 mph. I am a big fan of the pants I got from Lands' End, and the shirts as well - they are MUCH more pleasant than my cotton shirts, which start sliding off my shoulders and are heavy by the time I finish.

The first 40 minutes or so, actually, went faster than expected - particularly the first 15 minutes. I'm getting better about not watching the clock/distance more than I have to, and while it's still hard work, I'm starting to enjoy it - and the subsequent endorphin high. :D

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Seven miles today - for real, given wonky treadmill issues last week.

First mile on the elliptical, at as low an incline as I could, with moderate resistance, b/c someone was on the treadmill - seventeenish minutes

Six miles on the treadmill, at an average speed of 3.0 mph - finished in two hours. The five minute pattern was basically walk 2.5 min at 3.0 mph, run 1.5 min at 3.0 mph, run 1 min at 3.1 mph; occasionally I'd do two minutes at 3.1 mph. The last half hour, I let myself walk 20-25 seconds at 2.8 mph, then moved back into the same cycle.

The last half an hour was HARD. Probably next time (w00t, NEXT TIME) I'll switch over to the playlist - Eddie Izzard, though high energy, was just not sufficiently inspiring to provide assistance. Still - I ran 3.5 miles, and walked another 3.5 at a good clip, and was done with everything in under 2 hrs 20 minutes.

On the way home, it occurred: 7 miles? is MORE than a quarter of 26.2 miles, SO: today I RAN more than an eight of a marathon and COMPLETED more than a quarter of a marathon. Considering that I started learning to run at ALL in December of last year - that's awesome. Just. Plain. Awesome. WAHOO!
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I had a very, very bad moment about 20 minutes ago in which my brain tried to tell me it was Thursday. Thank god for the computer's auto-date thingie.

Went running at lunchtime, and expected to be more tired than I actually was, given yesterday. (Not that I won't be happy to take tomorrow off, mind.) In fact, I managed to run 3.0 mi in 58 min, 30 sec, which puts me at just under 3.08 mph. I realize this is not tremendously exciting to anyone but me, but for me, that's progress!

The pattern for today:

1st 5 min: walk 2.8 mph 1 min, walk 3.0 mph 1 min, walk 3.1 mph 1 min, run 3.1 mph 2 min
2nd: walk 3.0 mph 2 min, run 3.0 1 min, walk 3.1 mph 1 min, run 3.1 mph 2 min
3rd: walk 3.0 mph 2 min, run 3.1 mph 3 min
4th-5th: walk 3.0 mph 2 min, walk 3.1 mph 1 min, run 3.1 mph 1 min, run 3.2 mph 1 min
5th-6th: walk 3.0 mph 2 min, walk 3.1 mph 30 sec, run 3.1 mph 1 min, run 3.2 mph 1 min 30 seec
6th-7th: walk 3.0 mph 2 min, walk 3.1 mph 30 sec, run 3.1 mph 30 sec, run 3.2 mph 2 min
8th-9th: walk 3.0 mph 2 min, run 3.2 mph 3 min
10th: walk 3.0 mph 2 min, walk 3.1 mph 1 min, run 3.1 mph 1 min, run 3.2 mph 1 min
11th: walk 3.0 mph 2 min, walk 3.1 mph 1 min, run 3.1 mph 2 min
remaining time: walk 3.0 mph 2 min, run 3.2 mph 1 min 30 sec

I don't want to trigger anyone with body issues, so please, if you think reading about body shape and changes in weight will ping issues you don't want touched, don't continue.

Cut for body discussion. )

Progress, FTW. :D

Week 3/18

Jul. 11th, 2007 05:27 pm
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Running at lunchtime today, for a value of lunchtime that = pretty late in the day, actually.

3 miles in 59:30, which does not seem like a phenomenal time, except that in about a week, I've managed to increase speed enough to shave off 30 seconds, and for me, that's worthy of a wahoo!

Today: Upped both the total time spent running and the time spent running at faster speeds.  

1st 5 min: 1 min walk at 1.8 mph, 1 min walk at 3.0 mph, 2 min run at 3.0 mph, 1 min run at 3.1 mph
2nd: 2 min walk at 3.0 mph, 2 min run at 3.0 mph, 1 min run at 3.1 mph
3rd: 2 min walk at 3.0 mph, 3 min run at 3.1 mph
4th-9th: 2 min walk at 3.0 mph, 1.5 min run at 3.0 mph, 45 sec run at 3.1 mph, 45 sec run at 3.2 mph
10th: 2 min walk at 3.0 mph, 3 min run at 3.1 mph
11th: 2 min walk at 3.0 mph, 2 min run at 3.0 mph, 1 min run at 3.1 mph
12th: 2 min walk at 3.0 mph, 2.5 min run at 3.0 (last 30 sec folded into cool down)

It's back to feeling good again - I really am not tiring until about 35 minutes in, and my breathing is steady and even. 3-4 minutes of walking to cool down and I'm comfortable. YAY!
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7 miles. THREE HOURS.

I need to move a little faster, methinks. On the other hand, my parents' treadmill is kind of possessed. So meh. Onward and upward.

Just, you know. Slowly.
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First, I will steal shamelessly from [personal profile] smittywing and say: Snap Cup! Go put your name down so I can tell you to your face how incredible you are. Lots of people seem to be having a rough summer - share the happy. My link is here.

Second: Running:

3 miles today, for a weekly total of nine. Same pattern as yesterday. Today was both harder and easier - I wasn't struggling nearly as much, and my breathing's starting to even out. It sounds weird, but I can feel my lung capacity expanding. I have also learned that 1) I hate running in shorts; 2) happy music makes me run better; and 3) there's something weird going on with my left knee that means I need to keep my stride pretty exact. Re: #3: nothing painful - just that I can sort of feel things twist in ways that are probably bad to repeat if I'm not very careful to keep my feet pointing forward. It's harder than it sounds, given that I tend to walk on the outsides of my feet. Is there something I can do about that?

ETA: Third: I left work at 10:45. PM. Grr.
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Office was closed July 4, so the second day of running this week got postponed to Thursday (yesterday). 3 miles in just a smidge (as in, seconds) under 1 hour, and it went pretty damn well.

First 15 minutes  = walk 2.5 min at 3.0 mph/run 1.5 min at 3.0/run 1 min at 3.1
Middle 30 minutes = walk 2.5 min at 3.0 mph/run 1.25 min at 3.0/run 45 sec at 3.1/run 30 sec at 3.2
Next 10 minutes = walk 2.5 min at 3.0 mph/run 1.5 min at 3.0/run 1 min at 3.1
Final 5 minutes = walk 2.5 min at 3.0/run 2.5 min at 3.0

So sort of a hill-ish profile, I guess, or bursts of speed, really, since the incline didn't change. The last 5 minutes were tough, but not evilly so, and for the rest of it - I really felt good. I am MUCH less stressed after running, which is good, because work's been kind of rough. A little stiff this morning, but not painful. So all in all, yesterday was a good running day. :)


Jul. 3rd, 2007 03:43 pm
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Fly-by running post, because this week is nuts in ways both good and bad, some of them tied to how some really smart people simply fail to evolve basic survival skills and expect the rest of the world to care for them/pick up their slack and it is. not. cute.  In fact, it makes me want to beat said people with sticks.

Ahem. This means I have lots of things I want to comment on/read/etc. and so if you get totally random comments from me on Thursday night, it's b/c I finally have alone time with my computer. :)

Went running  at lunch time today b/c college roommate and her husband are in town and oh my god, I wish I lived closer to them, because they are just GOOD people. The kind of friends you don't ever have to worry about seeing you in your pajamas with your hair insane, because they already seen you in every mood and status you possess. I love them, and I'm so glad they're here, and between this and tripping to [personal profile] omglawdork's, and new internet people of awesome, I'm just feeling thankful for that. Sometimes I look around and wonder how they all - you all - happened, because I live in my head and know what a pain in the ass I can be. And then I realize that hey, you all are cool, so if nothing else, I get your awesome by contamination, and that's spectacular.

So. Running: three miles, as per the good Mr. Higdon's plan (thanks, [personal profile] purna!).  Did the whole thing at 3.0 mph or slightly faster (except for a short warm-up period), which meant I pulled off 3.0 mph in <i>just</i> under an hour. Walked 2.5 min at 3.0 mph/ran 2.5 min. Running speed for the 2.5 minutes was 3.0 for some cycles, then towards the middle I went to 3.1 mph for the last minute of the run, and right in the very middle, went up to 3.2/3.3 mph for 30 seconds. No pausing, and no praying for death, and right now I feel pretty good! I've decided that the "short" runs during the week are going to be for working on speed, and then the "long" run on Saturday is going to be for working on not dying, so it's ok if it happens at a slower speed. Wahoo!


Jun. 28th, 2007 10:18 pm
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Today: 3 miles on the treadmill after work


It was 3 miles in an hour and five minutes, with no fervent praying for death in evidence.

I had water, I was inside and not in the humidity, I'd eaten protein during the day, I stretched, and I had good music for running.

The breakdown was something like this:

1st 5 min: walk 2.8 mph for 1 min, walk 3.0 for 1.5 min, run 3.0 for 2.5 min
2nd-6th 5 min: walk 3.0 for 2 min, run 3.0 for 3 min
1 minute pause
7th-9th 5 min: walk 2.8 for 1 min, walk 3.0 for 1.5 min, run 3.0 for 2.5 min
1 minute pause
10th-12th 5 min: walk 3.8 for 1 min, walk 3.0 for 1.5 min, run 3.0 for 2.5 min
walk 1 min 2.4 mph


Next up: 6 miles on Sat.
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