Mar. 5th, 2009

Post of Joy

Mar. 5th, 2009 12:35 am
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It's a milestone birthday this year, folks, and if the beginning of my xth year on this planet is any indicator, it's going to be a wonderful year. Shall we recap?

Lovely birthday things:


Mardi Gras! Four whole days with [info]kurayami_hime , who I hadn't seen in two years, and reunions with my NOLA friends and my adoptive Mardi Gras family. Also, BEADS.

Dinner with the parents, brother and SIL, and sister, over a lazy Sunday afternoon. I cannot tell you how much I love my family and how much FUN they are to just hang out with.

A digital picture frame! With oodles of memory, so I can put lots of trip pictures on, take it to work, and use it for day-dreaming.

Anne of Green Gables on DVD - the whole series!

Lovely earrings.

FABULOUS smelling body butter.

A really cool four-way matchbox.

A gorgeous cheese platter set. (Mmmm. Cheeeeeeese.)

Homemade chocolate birthday cake and chocolate icing to DIE for.

[ profile] bookshop  's rec for Where We Ought To Be.

Time at home to cuddle dogs, even if death plague was involved.
And today alone:

SLINGS AND ARROWS - all three seasons!

A donation, in honor of, to SARA Sanctuary in Texas

First day back at work post-travel and -death plague, with people stopping in and emailing to say hello and inquire as to where I'd been and how I was and say happy birthday.

Red tulips from the florist downstairs as a happy birthday me present.

Yummy smelling body stuff from my secretary.

Cute purse and LOVELY paperweight from my former secretary, whose birthday is TOMORROW.

Lovely dinner out with a very fun group of colleagues, at a great restaurant (sadly, to bid farewell to someone who is changing offices, but there are always visits and firm meetings).

Dog cuddles

Virtual gifts from [info]tesserae_ and [info]kimannebb , and a BOOK from [info]ubiquitous_girl , and happy wishes from [info]trobadora and [info]irony_rocks.
[ profile] ed_84 kindly pointing out that One Brief Hour and Throw Away Your Papers won third and second places in the Isis Awards - thank you for liking them so much!

The Caucus - [ profile] omglawdork , [ profile] raisintorte , and [ profile] smittywing - who make things SO MUCH AWESOMER.

I couldn't be happier. Or luckier.


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