Jan. 15th, 2009

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Dear f-list:

HELP. My NY resolution is (in part) to eat better, which means bringing lunches and not caving to the urge to order in/pick up dinner.  I'm doing okay, but...

I think part of what I need are ideas for good casseroles.  I am totally comfortable playing with recipes - spinach, for example, can be thrown in anything - but basically I want to be able to chuck a bunch of stuff in a baking pan, stick it in the oven, and nosh.  Alas, a lot of my casserole recipes are very cheesy/mushroom soupy, which is TASTY, but NOT low cal.  Thoughts, anybody? Recipe suggestions?

For example, I have in my fridge: little summer squashes, carrots, spinach, lemon, eggs.  I have in my cupboard: various rice/couscous/pilafy things in boxes, pine nuts, dried chilis, Rotel, tomato sauce, tomato soup. No raisins, because apparently the dogs had a craving.   (I don't know. I just live here.) I have in my freezer: ground beef, chicken breasts, catfish filets, edamame, broccoli.  How can I combine some of these things?

At one point I was thinking that ground beef plus lemon plus pine nuts could be good and sort of Middle Eastern-y - maybe if I threw in some spinach and... I don't know, a little egg to bind it and/or a little tomato sauce or soup for moisture? I could make a sort of Middle-Eastern meatloaf?
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Guys. I have two rescue pups, one of whom survived Katrina without trauma because someone picked her up off the street and took her in as a foster just days before the hurricane, and the other of whom would've been euthanized if a no-kill shelter hadn't had space for her on the day she was supposed to be put down. I can't imagine life without them.

I also volunteered with Best Friends after the hurricane, and I have never been so impressed with a volunteer organization. Not only did they come in to help deal with the crisis, they left behind them a functional, sustainable, stand-alone local organization.

Now Neko Case is helping fundraise for them: she and her record label, ANTI-, will donate $5 for every blog that posts her new single, “People Got a Lotta Nerve.”and $1 for every time a user of iLike adds the song to his or her profile.

I don't belong to iLike, but seriously, this has to be the easiest way to do some good -ever-. All you have to do is post the video on your blog and let them know you did it - the exact details are here. That's it. No money involved.

I know there's lots of you out there who love animals - and lots of you with rescued animals. Please, pass the word along?

And while you're at it, enjoy the music!

Neko Case: People Got a Lotta Nerve


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